Welcome to Holy Doodle!

Holy Doodle Consulting, founded by Colleen Adair, is on the West Coast of Canada, close to the Pacific Ocean and Coast Mountains.

Dabbling in desktop publishing, graphic layout, virtual office administration, and a never-ending passion for the written word, we strive to produce work that is appealing and well-rooted in integrity.

Our experience pulls together years of skills, many garnered ‘by the seat of our pants’ and by ‘just doing’. Whether it is a business card, a logo design, an overview for a book cover, management of e-files for your office, or an article on backyard gardens, our team works with you, ensuring you are as delighted with the end-result as we are.

Each piece of work or project is comprised of vision, design, intuitiveness, play, and some hard work. We find that this combination allows the creative muse to actively participate and guide us.

Tabs across the top of the page will link you to some of the work we do when we aren’t out playing by the ocean. Other tab-clicks will take you to special items that come across our desk, many daily. We receive some amazing gems from friends and some we find while researching for work-related projects.

Please stroll through the garden, share our info with others, and come back to visit any time.

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